Technology 》ROADMAP

Having aimed at the world leading technology of packaging and testing, Changjiang Electronics Technology is brave in making innovation and concentrating on the nine core technologies, including TSV, RF-SiP, 3D-RDL, Copper Pillar Bump, HD-FCBGA, 25m Thickness Chips Stacking, MEMS, MIS and POP, and has been honored with more than 500 domestic and foreign patents. Meanwhile, our company has introduced a great number of top talents, achieved comprehensive breakthrough of bottleneck in manufacturing technique, and set the goal of realizing industrialization of scientific and technological innovation, entering the leading position of world advanced packaging and testing industry and developing two or three global mainstream innovative technologies in packaging and testing industries within 1-2 years.

IC Packaging Roadmap

Laminate Packaging Roadmap

Discrete Packaging Roadmap