Technology 》MIS (Molded Interconnect System) Packaging Technology

Breakthrough MIS (Molded Interconnect System) Packaging Technology

■ Ultra-Small Size
To ensure your leading position in product miniaturization
■ Ultra-Thin Thickness
To meet your customers’ stringent requirements
■ Ultra-High Performance
To enhance the chip speed and reduce the power consumption
■ Ultra-Dense I/O Layout
To support the various chip packaging functionality
■ Ultra-Superior Design
To accelerate the time to market for your products
■ Ultra-Low Cost
To reduce the packaging cost for a competitive market

■ Package size ranging from 1.0x0.6mm to 15x15mm
■ Package thickness down to 0.4mm
■ Smallest outer lead/pad size down to 0.2x0.2mm or 0.2mm diameter. Smallest outer lead/pad pitch down to0.4mm. Support outer lead/pad with different shapes
■ I/O number ranges from 2 to 500
■ Minimum line width/spacing of 15um/15um
■ Solid filled via. Options for single- or two-layer routing
■ Minimum WB diameter 18um
■ Compatible with Cu wire bond
■ Qualified for MSL 1a
■ Surface finishes of PPF, NiAu and OSP to choose from